Stickers (and tags) can be an effective way to put your contact information on your valuable items or pets.

The best solution is to create your own personal stickers or branded company stickers.   Then you can put on your own specific contact information. 

For example you could design your own sticker on , including your mobile, as follows (type in the 2 lines just like this, with your own number) :

Reward for return 086 555 5555


SPECIAL FREE OFFER : Until you get your own stickers, or to compliment your own stickers we will send you some for FREE.  Just send us a stamped self-addressed envelope, and we will send you FREE stickers so that you can start protecting your valuable property NOW.  Limited to the first 250 customers.

See sample pictures below. Stickers are 3cm X 1.25cm, black text on white background - they are very discrete.

Please give some of the stickers to your family, friends and people at work. We hope that they will help you to protect and recover your lost or stolen property. We welcome all feedback.